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The Atlanta Braves (Turner Field)

EcoMetrix is official Sustainability Advisor to the Atlanta Braves. EcoMetrix is assisting the Braves with a number of facility related initiatives to reduce operating expenses and improve sustainability. These initiatives include investigating the opportunity for LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Certification at Turner Field, as well as aiding an analysis and sourcing program to develop a 240 kW photovoltaic (PV) system at the ballpark. Making the most of its extensive sports-business expertise, EcoMetrix is helping the Atlanta Braves in leveraging their unique position in the marketplace.

Project Background

Atlanta Braves needed assistance with a multitude of facility related initiatives to reduce operating expenses and improve sustainability

  • Potential LEED® Certification for Turner Field
  • Achieve 15%+ Total Energy Use Reduction
  • Identify Water Savings/Reclamation Opportunities
  • Identify On-site Renewable Energy Opportunities
  • Energy Star Partnership
EcoMetrix's Role
  • Energy Reduction Program
  • Waste Reduction/Recycling/Diversion Program
  • LEED® Certification
    • Analyze and Baseline Turner Field against LEED® EBOM Scorecard
    • Benchmark Turner Field’s energy and water use through comparable facilities
    • Develop LEED® Certification Plan
    • Begin implementation of planned retrofits for energy and water savings
Renewable Energy/Solar Photovoltaic Installation
  • Project manage overall solar program
  • Develop outline specifications of canopy installation
  • Develop budget
  • Apply for and secure State and Federal stimulus grants
Energy Star Partnership
  • Collect data for Energy Star Benchmarking
  • Create energy policies in line with Energy Star Guidelines
Solution Highlights
  • EcoMetrix is currently investigating LEED® Certification at Turner Field
  • Solar Project is in design and engineering phase
  • State of the art energy savings technologies are currently being tested at Turner Field
  • Water efficiency practices and technologies are being examined for potential implementation at Turner Field
  • EcoMetrix is working directly with EPA and Atlanta Braves on leveraging Braves marketing power for messaging Energy Star Partnership to wide audience

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