EcoMetrix Utility Services Group


EcoMetrix Utility Services Group "EUSG" is a national sustainable energy management firm that specializes in generating efficiency and cost savings for our clients through programs like LED lighting retrofits. EUSG has developed relationships with the leading LED lighting manufacturers to bring real estate owners and operators the best products with the most competitive pricing to lower electricity costs across their portfolios. EUSG works with the leading real estate investment firms nationally and increases their bottom line results by better managing energy costs.

LED technology has been evolving rapidly, and all LED light bulbs are not created equal. Navigating the myriad of information, suppliers, and differences between efficiency products is increasingly challenging. EUSG serves as your independent LED expert to support design requirements, procure the right products, manage logistics and fulfillment, and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Here are the key facts:

Our model promotes competition among the leading lighting suppliers across the country.

EUSG provides the most current technology and latest generation LED bulbs – proven higher quality, dimmable, and warmer light than incandescent or CFL with minimal heat.

EUSG has direct manufacturer relationships eliminating the markup from wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to deliver you the best pricing.

EUSG only works with the highest quality manufacturers that stand behind their products with comprehensive warranties.

LED retrofits extend product life 3-5X, which significantly reduces recurring replacement stock cost and enables you to redeploy maintenance staff on more meaningful projects.

The “green factor” – LEDs require less electricity, contain no mercury (like CFLs), and there is a significant reduction in solid waste because of longer life.

The cost of waiting far exceeds the investment, and rebates are often available to further lower your cost.

EUSG Energy negotiates rebates and oversees this often cumbersome process.

The process is simple for you. Provide our team with existing bulb types, wattages and counts, and we evaluate the effectiveness of an LED retrofit program.

Financing options are available.


Cutting down on energy costs and controlling energy consumption is a priority for all owners. Switching to LED lighting conserves cash flow and delivers on both of these objectives. Often, lighting upgrades are not included in capital budgets, which usually focus on the core essential upgrades or preventive maintenance. Along with trying to navigate the huge number of LED options and technical solutions available, the greatest barrier to implementing LED lighting solutions is budget constraints and upfront costs. “Lighting as a Service” overcomes this budget dilemma by providing savings in energy without any upfront investment from the client. This service includes project ROI analysis, project management, installation consulting, financing solution management, and a single point of contact throughout the project and post-project for warranty management and other outstanding issues.